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Geotagging Photos With GPSed

In the comments to my post on GeoSetter, someone suggested I take a look at GPSed Photo Take’n’Pin as an option for geotagging photos. GPSed itself is a service for uploading and sharing GPS track and point data. From the website’s FAQ:

GPSed, a location-based and geotagging service, is designed to enable real-time tracking from mobile devices and collecting track data in an online archive.
The service is designated for hikers, bikers, drivers, tourists, adventure travelers, sportsmen, photographers and GPS/GIS professionals working in various industries such as forestry, fishery, transportation and others. GPSed can also be used just for having fun.

GPSed Photo Take’n’Pin is their free application designed to use GPS track data to geotag photos. Gave it a spin, and wasn’t terribly impressed:

  • You apparently can’t use a local GPX track file on your computer to geotag the photos, only one that you’ve already upload to the GPSed website. Since you likely already have that track on your computer, there’s no reason not to use a better geotagging program that supports local GPX files like GeoSetter. By way of contrast, the similar service locr provides a free application that does let you use your own GPS data to geotag your photos.
  • I say “apparently” above because I couldn’t get the program to geotag my standard test photoset even with an online track, and there’s no help file in either the program or the website to help me sort out what the problem might be.
  • Even if I could successfully geotag a photo with the GPSed Take’n’Pin application, there’s nothing I can do with it on the GPSed website. You can take the photos and export them to Google Earth, Picasa, or Flickr, but you don’t need this program to do that. With locr, you can upload the photo to the website and share it and its location with others.
  • The program crashed on me several times (I’ll cut it some slack on that, since it’s labeled as a beta).

Given those issues, I’ll stick with my previous statement that GeoSetter is the best geotagging application I’ve seen to date, with GPicSync a worthy alternative. Even if GPSed Photo Take’n’Pin worked as advertised, it doesn’t offer any features to make it worthwhile.

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3 Responses to “Geotagging Photos With GPSed”

  1. 1 Jeffrey J. Early

    I don’t have any maps built into the application yet, but GPSPhotoLinker is good for batch time shifting, geotagging, and reverse-geocoding photos.

    Just in case you haven’t seen it,

  2. 2 Leszek Pawlowicz

    Thanks, Jeff. I’m a PC guy, not a Mac, so I can’t check it out, but given the limited options for photo geotagging with the Mac compared to the PC, it’s good of you to point it out.

  3. 3 Vasily

    just to mention: the best utility I have seen for geotagging was so-called it is small Perl script, highly customizable and working very efficiently. (but obviously not that user-friendly: one should have Perl and use command line)

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