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Two Photo Geotagging Briefs

– Activity Workshop writes to say that his multi-platform GPS track management and photo geotagging application Prune has been updated (see earlier Prune posts here and here). New features include:

  • New map window in the View menu, showing points overlaid on OpenStreetMap images
  • New function to launch a browser showing the area in either Google Maps or OpenStreetMap
  • Handling of track segments, including loading, saving and exporting, and preservation during edit and undo
  • New function to merge track segments for the current selection, to make one single segment
  • Display of current and average speed on details panel
  • Status bar showing confirmation of actions
  • Much improved French texts thanks to generous user input

Written in Java, and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

– Need to geotag a photo, but don’t have an application like Prune, GeoSetter or GPicSync handy? You can do it online using the Sunday Morning Rides GeoTag utility. Specify the location in a Google Maps interface, set the coordinates, upload the image (JPG only), and a minute or so later you’ll see the geotagged image (or part of it) on the web page. Then right-click on the image and save it to your computer. Even though you may only see part of the image on-screen, it does tag and save the entire image, apparently losslessly. Sunday Morning Rides also has an online GPX track builder and waypoint utility.

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