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Updates To Photo GeoTagging Software

Updates to report on several photo geotagging applications covered previously on this blog:

Grazer: Grazer is a very simple and easy to use geotagging program. However, the first time I looked at it, it had difficulty matching up the times in my GPX track with the times in my photos, even though other applications had no such issues. Supposedly those problems have been fixed, and the program modified to run in Vista, and a quick test confirmed that. The feature set is a bit thin, but that also means there are fewer options to confuse you with. Still not my top choice, but now that it actually does work, it might be worth a look for someone looking for a very simple geotagging app. Windows only.

Prune: Version 7 of Prune is out, with a slew of new features:

  • Loading of KMZ files and zipped GPX
  • Improved compression functions with four configurable algorithms
  • New function to call gpsbabel to send data directly to GPS receiver
  • Charting functions (eg altitude or speed against distance) using gnuplot
  • Map view can now use other OpenStreetMap images such as OpenCycleMap, OpenPisteMap or any other tile server
  • New function to create an average position from a track section
  • Display of straight line distances between waypoints

Since it’s a Java application, it should run on any platform that supports Java, including Mac OS X and Linux. Note: You will need to download EXIFTool to geotag photos. You will also need to both “Correlate” photos, then explicitly tell the program to “Save to EXIF” to embed the geotagging data; just correlating alone doesn’t save the geotagging data.

GeoSetter: My favorite free geotagging application (Windows only); bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it. Since my first post on it over a year ago, lots of improvements and bug fixes; most recently, the latest version of EXIFTool was added.

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