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Quick Country Information With The World Gazetteer

If you need a quick rundown of basic information about any country, the World Gazetteer is one option. From the site’s homepage:

  • Current population figures and area size for all countries and important territories
  • Population figures and area size of administrative divisions
  • Population figures for the largest cities, towns and places as well as for metropolitan areas
  • Historical population data (census or estimates; mostly from last or last two censuses)
  • Overview maps that show the position of the country or the administrative divisions
  • Summary statistics for countries and territories as well as for the largest cities and agglomerations
  • Current national flags
  • Summary maps for various subject
  • A pronunciation guide for some languages
  • There is a downloadable file for offline research
  • A population clock that show the current population of the world
  • Comprehensive meta information about statistics and the project

Sample maps from the website (for Poland):

overview map of Poland

Poland administrative divisions

Poland map of important places

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2 Responses to “Quick Country Information With The World Gazetteer”

  1. 1 Askan

    Hi Leszek

    Another good source is for population statistics similar to the ones you presented, which means including maps.

    Another good source for similar city/population statistics incl. long/lat for the cities is



  2. 2 Tim

    Hi Leszek,

    Another source is from for general purpose. It has a free edition of the database.

    Good day.

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