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Animated Cartograms Of World & USA Demographic And Economic Data

Mapping Worlds has created two sites for the USA and the world with animated cartograms, maps where the value of a parameter is used to adjust the drawn size of a geographic area. Here’s an animated cartogram showing military spending for world countries; click on the clockwise circular arrow on the map to have the countries resized based on their military expenditures:

Click on the Resize button (the counter-clockwise circular arrow at the upper left) to reset the countries to their original size. Repeat at will.

Data can be very timely; here’s a USA cartogram showing stimulus bill jobs by state:

Over 140 datasets are currently available with demographic, economic, trade, environmental, etc. data; you can also submit your own datasets for inclusion. Direct links are immediately available for every cartogram page, but you can also get images and embeddable code (like the examples above) emailed to you if you agree to Mapping Worlds’ Terms Of Use.

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