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Recap Of Google Earth Plus For Free Series

Now that I’ve *finally* finished the series on how to meet or beat most of Google Earth Plus’s features without paying for it, here’s a one-post set of links to all the posts in the series.

Google Earth Plus – Do You Really Need It?

Brief summary of what features Google Earth Plus has, and which ones there are free solutions for.

Importing GPS Data Into Google Earth I – Proprietary software and EasyGPS

Importing GPS data into Google Earth using standard GPX files, proprietary GPS unit software, and EasyGPS.

Importing GPS Data Into Google Earth II – GPSBabel and GPS Visualizer

How to use GPSBabel and GPS Visualizer to download GPS data, and convert GPX and other GPS data formats into Google Earth KML format.

Exporting Data From Google Earth To A GPS Unit

Exporting point and line data out of Google Earth and into a GPS unit, something Google Earth Plus doesn’t offer as a special feature.

Using GPS Utility To Import/Export GPS Data To/From Google Earth

Another “free” program with the ability to import and export GPS data to and from Google Earth.

Importing Spreadsheet Data Into Google Earth

Google Earth Plus lets you import up to 100 coordinate points in CSV format; free options allow unlimited import.

Another Excel To KML Converter

A simple Excel spreadsheet that can take up to 50,000 sets of coordinates, name and description data, and convert it to a KML file.

US Address Geocoding For Google Earth

As part of the spreadsheet import, Google Earth Plus will let you geocode 100 addresses, but free options let you geocode thousands of addresses per day.

GPS TrackMaker: A Better Solution For GPS Export/Import With Google Earth

A post about GPS TrackMaker, totally free software for GPS export/import to Google Earth, file conversion, track editing and more.

Automatic Caching Of Google Earth Data For Offline Use

A link to the description of Google Earth Voyager, a free program for automated caching of Google Earth data for offline use. Caching Google Earth data is necessary if you’re going to be doing real-time GPS tracking with Google Earth when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Real-Time GPS Tracking In Google Earth Free – Setup

Real-Time GPS Tracking For Google Earth – Free Options I

Real-Time GPS Tracking For Google Earth – Free Options II

Real-Time GPS Tracking With Google Earth – DonationWare

Real-Time GPS Tracking With Google Earth – Paid Options

The final set of posts, dealing with how to implement real-time GPS tracking in Google Earth with free or cheap options.

And check the series listing at the bottom for more recent updates.

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