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Top Eight Posts (After Six Months)

Today, this blog turns 6 months old; thanks for stopping by! I’m still nowhere near running out of material, and I’m not burned out yet (though some days are kinda tough). Here’s a list of the 8 most popular posts/series on the blog over its history, based on number of visits:

8. Importing/Exporting GPS Data To/From GIS

7. Exporting Shapefiles To Google Earth

6. GPS Trackmaker

5. Free Toolsets For ArcGIS

4. Converting KML Files To Shapefiles

3. Re-projecting Shapefiles From One Coordinate System To Another

2. Convenient ways to handle data in Garmin GPS units with microSD cards

And, easily number one ….

1. How to get most of the functionality of Google Earth Plus for free (plus some features, like export of Google Earth data to GPS units, that GE+ can’t do)

(Why not a top ten? Because everyone else does top tens …)

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  1. 1 Frank Taylor

    Congrats and Happy Half a Birthday Leszek!

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