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Using GPS Utility To Import/Export GPS Data To/From Google Earth

Now that I’ve run you in circles to import and export GPS data to and from Google Earth, I can tell you there’s another “freeware” software option that can simplify the process a bit – GPS Utility. But “freeware” is in quotes because while the program is labeled as “freeware”, the splash screen and documentation indicate that it’s “freeware” only for evaluation purposes (though that evaluation period is “unlimited”). The “freeware” version also limits you to 100 waypoints, 500 track points, and five routes. If you plan to use it on a regular basis, you are required to pay the $55 registration fee, which also expands its data import capacity to 65,000 waypoints and track points .

GPS Utility has a *lot* of features, too many to go into now. But the ones relevant to Google Earth import/export are:

  • Downloads data from GPS units, and supports most models
  • Saves data in either GPX or KML format, for importation into Google Earth
  • Can open KML files created in Google Earth, and save them in GPX format for upload to a GPS unit in a different program
  • Can also directly upload the KML file data into a GPS unit, bypassing the need to use a program like EasyGPS to upload the data

It’s a nice program, and worth trying out, both for the Google Earth functions and other capabilities. But if you plan to use it on a regular basis, or if you need to import more data points than allowed by the “freeware” version, you’ll have to pay the $55 registration fee.

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