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Automatic Caching Of Google Earth Data For Offline Use

If you plan to do real-time GPS tracking with Google Earth, and you won’t have Internet access while doing so, you’ll need to have data for the area you’ll be doing your tracking in cached on your hard drive by Google Earth. You can do this manually by “visiting” the area in question in Google Earth while you’re connected to the Internet, but has a post on Google Earth Voyager, a free program that automates that process. Edit: Thanks to Yousuf in the comments for this download link at

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4 Responses to “Automatic Caching Of Google Earth Data For Offline Use”

  1. 1 Thomas

    Any working updates to this tool?

    His tool is not working in my end.

  2. 2 Haris H Khan

    The Google earth voyager link is not working. Is there any other option?

  3. 3 Yousuf Philips

    You can download google earth voyager from

    on another note, there is another good google earth caching software i’ve tried its called GE Cacher and here is the link.

  4. 4 hima

    very good prog

    it is

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