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Recap Of Exporting/Importing GIS Data To/From A GPS Unit Series

Just a recap of a multi-part series on exporting and importing GIS data to and from GPS units, so that I can have a single posting to list in the “Special Series” sidebar section. If you’ve read it before, there’s nothing new.

Exporting GPS Data To GIS I – Garmin GPS Units

Description of how to use DNRGarmin to export shapefile data from Garmin GPS units.

Exporting GPS Data To GIS II – Generic Solutions

Covers shapefile data import from non-Garmin GPS units.

Importing GIS Data Into a GPS Unit

How to import point, line and polygon shapefile data into a GPS unit.

GPS/GIS/Google Earth Import/Export With OziExplorer

Brief description of capabilities of demo version of OziExplorer.

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