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Online Photo Geotagging With GeoImgr

I’ve covered a fair number of stand-alone geotagging apps before; check the geotagging category on this blog for some examples. But if you don’t have a geotagging application on the computer you’re using, GeoImgr is a web-based app that can geotag photos with a simple Google-Maps-based interface. First, upload a single picture (no batch uploading, unfortunately). GeoImgr lets you upload the image at its full original resolution, so this can take a few seconds. Once uploaded,  a thumbnail of the uploaded photo will appear at upper right:


Then position the marker in the Google Maps interface at the location where the photo was taken.  Click and drag to move the map, zoom in by clicking the plus button or double-clicking on the map, and position the marker with a single click:


The position of the marker will be continuously updated at right; click on “tag photo!”, and those marker coordinates will be embedded in the photo’s header. When you click “download photo!”, the geotagged photo will be downloaded with its original filename intact, and the image data unmodified.

Not a substitute for a good stand-alone app, but does the job, easy to use, and always available online.

HT to Michael Kempf (creator of the site).

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