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New Version Of USGS dlgv32 Geodata Viewer Released

The old USGS geodata viewer dlgv32 was the code foundation for the excellent Global Mapper data viewer and format converter. Global Mapper has granted the USGS a license to continue to release a feature-limited version of Global Mapper under the dlgv32 Pro name, primarily as a data viewer.The latest version of dlgv32 Pro was released a few weeks ago, and includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

The main limitations of dlgv32 are the inability to export data, and the limitation of four raster data files loaded at one time; you can get around this latter limitation by putting all the raster files into a single directory, and then using the File => Open All Files in a Directory Tree option. It has import support for virtually any vector and raster data format you can think of, as well as most projections/datums. There’s also access to online raster data sources, including high-resolution Digital Globe imagery (watermarked, with a daily quota), along with USGS topo maps and black-and-white ortho imagery. Additional features include GPS support, measurement tools, and data attribute query tools. The lack of any export capabilities (except perhaps by doing a screen capture), as well as no way to save a workspace, are big minuses, but it’s still worth a look.

HT to Tyson Domer.

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