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Watch Out If You Upgrade To TatukGIS Viewer 2.0

A few years ago, I had several posts on the TatukGIS Viewer, a free program for viewing vector and raster GIS data. IMO the most valuable feature of this program was the ability to export georeferenced raster imagery of the view, with a great deal of flexibility in the resolution of the final output. Recently, TatukGIS announced a major upgrade to version 2.0 of the Viewer, the main improvement being on-the-fly reprojection of raster/vector data; previously, all the data had to be in the same coordinate system. Unfortunately, after trying it out, I discovered that they have removed the raster export function completely; it’s only available in their GIS editor, which costs $350. It’s still not a bad GIS viewer, but with the loss of this export function, I’d have to say you’d be better off learning how to use one of the free GIS viewers/editors that offer either on-the-fly reprojection, raster export, or both (e.g. gvSIG, qGIS, MapWindow, and many more – check my Big List Of Free GIS Programs posts for more). Plus, with these free/open-source options, you won’t have to worry about features being removed arbitrarily.

If you still want to try the new version of TatukGIS Viewer, make sure not to select the option that uninstalls the old version, like I did. Fortunately I had an older installer archived, as TatukGIS has removed all links to older versions.

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4 Responses to “Watch Out If You Upgrade To TatukGIS Viewer 2.0”

  1. 1 mick leong

    I have used a previous version prior to v2. I discovered some projection errors that were some 10 meters off! I wrote to them but they did not bother to reply at all. I decided to use proj4 now. Its free and their forum have a lot of helpful members.

  2. 2 Darren

    Note that saving an image from the File menu in QGIS will save a world file with the image, so essentially takes the place of the Tatuk feature (minus the control over resolution.)

  3. 3 David McGraw

    I see a site that still has the previous version ( available for download…

  4. 4 David McGraw

    And perhaps here is a better site for the previous version…

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