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New At HeyWhatsThat: Solar Eclipse Simulator, WebApp For iPhone And Android

I first posted about HeyWhatsThat 2+ years ago; its initial functions included:

  • A panorama of what’s visible from that location, marking the position of peak geographic landmarks
  • A list of the peaks, and the ability to show their position relative to your location on Google Maps
  • Terrain profiles (elevation versus distance from the location to any point on the map).
  • A plot all the areas visible from that location in red on Google Maps (aka the “viewshed” or “weapons fan”).
  • Contour lines.
  • Google Earth export of position, viewshed, horizon line and horizon extent.
  • Mike Kosowsky has been adding functions to HeyWhatsThat since then, and writes to announce two more:

    1. A simulator of Friday’s annular solar eclipse:


    2.  A web app to let you find out what you’re looking at using your iPhone or Android; point your phone’s browser to

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