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gvSIG Version 1.9 Released

It’s been over two years since the last full stable release of the free Java-based GIS gvSIG (runs on Window, Mac, and Linux). I thought that version 2.0 would be out soon, but got fooled – the new version is 1.9. This is a huge enhancement, with major functionality improvements in:

  • Raster analysis and remote sensing
  • Symbology and labeling
  • Topology
  • Network analysis
  • Vector editing and manipulation
  • Export to the Windows Mobile version of gvSIG
  • And more; see the New Features log for more info

One minor problem with gvSIG for English users has been translation issues with the installation program and user interface (gvSIG originates in Spain, from the Valencian Regional Council for Infrastructures and Transportation (CIT)). Oxford Archaeology Digital created a modified version of gvSIG 1.1.2 (the last stable release) which cleaned up some of these language issues, and the web page indicates that they’re working on a comparable English-oriented installer and interface for version1.9. I’ll keep a watch on that page, and post when the new version is ready.

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  1. 1 monodo

    Put coordinates to a place in the World. For example, if you’re looking for a place in Madrid, find it by entering the name of a nearby street. Then move around the map to the place you’re looking for. Each time you click on the map will show its coordinates:

    World Coordinates

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