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New Books For Geography Fans

I’ve been a big fan of Frank Jacobs’ Strange Maps blog for several years now, and he’s now collected many of these maps and posts into a single fantastic volume called, appropriately, Strange Maps. Highly recommended for cartographers and map fans.
John Graham-Cumming’s compendium of places of interest for tech geeks and nerds (e.g. Bletchley Park, Chernobyl, the MIT Museum), but with a few points of interest for geogeeks as well (Greenwich Observatory, Gaithersburg International Latitude Observatory, the Arago Medallions that mark the French meridian).
The Natural World Of Saint Francis of Assisi describes how geography and its impact on the natural and cultural world of Umbria in Italy shaped the life and thinking of Saint Francis, one of the most influential figures in Roman Catholic history. Text by the award-winning natural history writer Susan Bean; great photography by National Geographic and Arizona Highways photographer Tom Bean.

“The beauty of Umbria that inspired Francis is still there today, as you will see in the evocative words of Susan Lamb and the remarkable photographs of Tom Bean. The rocks and landscapes, the winds and climate, the rivers, lakes and marshes, the plants and animals of Umbria and the neighboring parts of Italy are all brought to life in this book. ” – Dr. Walter Alvarez, Earth & Planetary Science Department, UC Berkeley

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