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Another KML Circle Creator

Both this site and KML-Circles appear to be down; try the GE Path program as an alternative.

Posted a long time ago about the KML-Circles site, which lets you generate polygons/quasi-circles centered around arbitratry points in KML format for Google Earth and Google Maps. Lots of options at that site, perhaps too many if you just want a simple circle. For that, there’s the very-stripped-down KML Circle Generator site. Enter the center point for the circle in lat/long, and either the desired radius in meters or a lat/long position you want the circle to pass through:


Press the Go button, and get a link to the KML file:


Depending on how your browser is set up, clicking on the link will either download it to your computer, or open it automatically in Google Earth. Right-clicking on the link and choose “Save As” is the safest, as it will definitely download the file to your computer. Open it in Google Earth:


Default is a red circle; if you don’t like that, you can always right-click on the KML file listing at left, choose Properties, and change the style to whatever you want:



BTW, that big hole in the ground inside the circle is Meteor Crater, just outside Winslow, AZ.

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4 Responses to “Another KML Circle Creator”

  1. 1 Rando

    Are either of the circle generator sites still working? With the newest one after inputting the data and clicking GO I get a page that simply says “Go back and make sure you have entered the values we need”. And that’s using the default data.

    With the older site for results I just get a “blank” google map. That is, the navigational tools appear on the left, and the map/satellite/hybrid button appear at upper right but there’s just a gray background – no map/aerial at all. The cursor changes when I hover over the map/sat/hybrid buttons but nothing happens when I click them.

    I’ve tried both Firefox and IE without success.

    Thanks for any help/ideas.

  2. 2 Leszek Pawlowicz

    You’re the second person in a week to have these issues; it does look like both sites are down. Take a look at GE Path as an alternative:

  3. 3 Michael

    2°23’19.71″W when i convert these to decimal and enter in kml circle generator all i ever get is error messages.

    I have spent hours trying to sort this out. Has anyone got a circle generator out there that works.
    i am doing something wrong here.
    Please can someone help me

    Kind regards


  4. 4 Leszek Pawlowicz
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