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Online Google Earth Path Length Measurement

One oddity of Google Earth is that while you can measure distances, and also draw paths, there’s no direct way to determine the length of a path you’ve drawn. I’ve previously covered several applications that will take a KML path file and determine its total length; all of the require that the path file be a KML, not KMZ file. Via the comments in that post, Nicholas Hoza announces that he has a new online application that will also compute Google Eath path lengths, and do it for either KML or KMZ files.  Click the “Attach file” link to select the file on your computer:


Then click “Find Path Length” to, ummm, you know:


And you’ll also get back the input screen so that you can select another file. As a bonus, the website cycles through scenic backgrounds, and you have the lovely angler fish logos to look at; you can even order a T-shirt with the logo.

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