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New Features At MapChannels.Com

MapChannels writes to announce a few new features:

Holiday Maps: Create an embeddable Google Maps window with the option for additional information layers:

  • Panoramio photos
  • Geo-tagged Wikipedia articles
  • Google Street View
  • Traffic Layer
  • Weather Information
  • User-defined KML or GeoRSS Layers
  • Index sidebar
  • Hotel search using the Map Channels Hotel Directory
  • Google search
  • Slide Show
  • Google Earth 3D (note: currently buggy, doesn’t work for me in Firefox 3)

MapChannels For Virtual Earth: Create an embeddable Virtual Earth window with KML or GeoRSS feeds (an analogue to Google Maps’ MyMaps feature, also supported by MapChannels in embeddable format).

StreetCities: New tools to combine Google’s Street View with a second view in the Google Earth plugin. This doesn’t work in Firefox 3, either.

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