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OKMap – GPS Mapping Software For The Beta-Adventurous

An email, and comment on a previous post, led me to OKMap, a GPS mapping program that has lots of promise, but currently has a few issues. The feature set is certainly interesting:

  • Open vector data in many different formats (OziExplorer, GPX, shapefile, DCW), and export/upload data
  • Import raster images, and calibrate them; import raster images with worldfiles, in ECW format, or in OziExplorer format, and have them calibrated automatically. Supports many different projections and datums.
  • Catalog your saved maps for easy retrieval.
  • Extensive editing tools for creating and modifying waypoints, tracks, and routes.
  • Real-time GPS support (NMEA)
  • Data exchanges with Google Earth

In short, some of the more useful features of the paid versions of OziExplorer and GPS TrackMaker. However, this is a program that is definitely still in beta form:

  • A bit buggy still – crashes occasionally
  • Functions of specific features unclear in many cases
  • It’s possible that I may not have been doing things correctly above, but there’s no documentation included with the program; even the downloadable help file in Italian has many pages that aren’t complete yet
  • Using ECW imagery requires installation of the ECW ActiveX SDK, something not mentioned on the website, but which you find out after you start up the installation program

The author (Gian Paolo Saliola) is very responsive to comments, and quickly fixed several bugs and quirks I pointed out to him. With enough people trying out the program and reporting issues back to him, this could soon be a very strong GPS utility program.

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1 Response to “OKMap – GPS Mapping Software For The Beta-Adventurous”

  1. 1 Gian Paolo Saliola

    now I’ve included in installation kit an online help in italian and in english version (english help has been automatically translated for now).
    Several issues has been fixed.
    No third part software is now necessary for installation (only microsoft framework 3.5).
    I am open to your suggestions for improving the software.
    Gian Paolo Saliola

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