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Another New MapChannels Feature: Geography Quiz Maps

In addition to the new TeamMaps feature, MapChannels has a new embeddable geography game called QuizMaps:

Choose World or State Capitals, and get a world/US map with letters plotted at various locations, as in the example screen capture below:

MapChannels geography quiz

Unscramble all the letters to get the correct answer; one of the letters is plotted at the same location as the answer. Panoramio photo clues from the answer location can show up on the left, but are usually as useless as the example you see above. The correct answer to the image above is left as an exercise for the reader.

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1 Response to “Another New MapChannels Feature: Geography Quiz Maps”

  1. 1 Miguel Vera

    Seems like you’re a man that enjoys a nice geography game. You should try Geo Challenge, though you would have to create a Facebook account to do it.

    Hope you like it.


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