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Useful ArcGIS Explorer Desktop Add-Ins II

Continued from Part I yesterday …

GeoNames Find – Enter the name of a geographic feature, and ArcGIS Explorer will go the best fit for the entered name, as well as offering a full set of options.


Find GNIS Features – Select a US state/county, and a feature type from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), like town, arch, summit, mine, reservoir, etc., and get all such features in that area plotted:


Double-click on any of the names listed, and the map will zoom in on the selected feature:


Panoramio – Pan/zoom to your desired area, and get photos from Panoramio:


Photo thumbnails will be plotted on the map; double-click on a thumbnail to get a larger-sized image in a pop-up:


Wikipedia – Same general idea as Panoramio; go to the desired area, and search for Wikipedia entries geotagged to that location (or search by text):


Entries will be plotted on the map; double-click on a “W” icon to get the start of the Wikipedia entry, and a link to go to the full article:


Set Transparent Color For Image Overlay – Image overlays are graphics that sit at a constant spot in the view; examples might be a logo graphic or map legend. This add-in lets you set a transparent color, useful if you have a logo/legend on a white background, and you want the background to disappear. Unlike the map transparency feature, this will work with graphics with indexed colors (TIFFs, GIF, PNG).

Drive Time Analysis – An interesting example of the kinds of analysis tools that can be created using the ArcGIS Explorer SDK. This add-in calculates areas within a certain driving time of a user-specified starting point (up to 15 minutes driving time in this sample add-in). Below, the lightest color is 5 minutes, next is 10, darkest color is 15 minutes away.


Still a few left; I’ll save those for Part III.

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