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Advanced Tool For Embedding Google Maps MyMaps On Your Website

I’ve been meaning to post on the MyMapsPlus website for a while; they offer a simple tool for embedding a Google Maps MyMaps page on your own website, similar to this one I posted about a while back. Just as well I waited – they have a more advanced site out now called MapChannels that lets you do a lot more:

  • Instead of just displaying a single MyMaps KML file, you can display multiple Google MyMaps KML files as channels that can be turned on and off, like layers.
  • GeoRSS feeds can be incorporated as channels as well, along with search channels (like Wikipedia).
  • Filter map markers by category
  • Define custom marker icons for a specific category
  • Scripts can be hosted remotely at the MapChannels site, or remotely at your site; remote hosting lets you create full-screen maps
  • Include driving directions, traffic overlays and local search

All for free, but they offer a paid service for developing special customized maps or features (check the About section for more information). Not a lot of documentation now apart from some basic tutorials, but that will probably come with time.

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