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Map Surname Densities With The World Names Profiler

Enter a surname (last name) into the World Names Profiler, and get a choropleth map showing the population density of that name:

surname density map

A table of the countries with the highest FPM (frequency per million) of that name:

9-11-2008-8.49.39 PM

Click on a country, and get a more detailed choropleth map for that country:

9-11-2008-8.51.23 PM

And more info:

9-11-2008-8.52.55 PM

Coverage is spotty; Europe and North America are well-covered along with Australia and New Zealand, while Russia and China have no data. South America has only Argentina, and Asia is spotty (only India and Japan appear to be covered).

Via Lifehacker.

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3 Responses to “Map Surname Densities With The World Names Profiler”

  1. 1 Christian

    Just for fun, look at the top forename for the last name “Ass”…

  2. 2 Maarten

    Funny, a few days ago I made the data of and (websites that generate maps showing the distribution and frequency of surnames in Belgium and Holland) available in Google Earth. More info here: Scroll down to introduce your name and generate an overlay for Google Earth.

  1. 1 US Surname Maps | Free Geography Tools
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