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Printing Waterproof Maps

If you print your own maps, at some point you may need to take them out in the field, where they’re subject to wear, tear, abuse, spills, weather, etc.. But there are a number of brands of waterproof paper available that are more durable and tear-resistant than regular paper, and also provide some degree of protection from weather and spills. Brands are available for both inkjet and laser printers (caution: if you put some inkjet paper brands into a laser, they melt!). They’re not perfect; while the paper is waterproof, you can still get some bleeding with some inkjet prints if you don’t wipe the water off right away (not a problem with laser prints). And you can’t write with pencil on some of these papers – a waterproof pen is recommended for best results. Do a Google search for waterproof paper, or visit the Waterproof Paper website to see what’s available.

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