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Easy Google Maps Route Creation With NetKvik

NetKvik offer an alternate interface to Google Maps for creating routes from one location to another, with easier access to some of Google Maps’ standard options, plus a few added features.


Probably the most confusing feature of NetKvik is the zoom function, or the apparent lack of one at first inspection; there’s no standard Google Maps zoom slider. But you can use the +1 and –1 buttons at upper left to zoom in and out, and use the level buttons to jump to gross zoom levels like city, region, or continent; the mouse wheel also  zooms the map in and out. Once you get past that quirk, NetKvik offers a lot.

Like Google Maps, you can drag and drop the destinations and track to modify the route; you also have the option to bypass highways (using the Function menu to select that option. You can also create a link to the map with the route drawn. But unlike Google Maps:

– You can add successive destinations not only by entering the location in a search box, but also by clicking on the map

– Click on Show Data to get coordinates and elevations for your destinations:


– Click on Bicycles to enter details like travel speed and wind direction to get travel time and headwind/tailwind details for a bike trip:


– Use Details to toggle on/off driving directions; total travel distance is always shown. Print prints out driving directions.

– Option for Point to point routes (great circle routes plotted between destinations)

– A coordinate function option displays latitude/longitude next to the cursor:

5-10-2009-9.40.21 PM

– Export a KML file for your trip in one of three formats:


– Weather brings up a weather map from Weather Underground for the location you’re viewing.

– Moving the mouse over every button/feature pops up a concise but useful help screen; when those pop-ups get to be too annoying, you can turn them off.

HT to Carl DK.

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3 Responses to “Easy Google Maps Route Creation With NetKvik”

  1. 1 Kesh

    This is an excellent resource, thanks for posting. I took a quick look at it and looks impressive (easy, well designed, very fast response). I need to play a bit more with it. Is it capable of sending GPX directly to a Garmin GPS using the communicator plug in?

  2. 2 Leszek Pawlowicz

    AFAIK, it doesn’t support the Garmin Communicator yet. But it did just add support for the Google Earth plugin.

  3. 3 Thomas

    Kesh, you need to convert the KML to GPX manually.

    Gpsbabel will do this (Free):

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