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Java-Based GPS Route Format Converter

Christian Pesch has let me know about RouteConverter, his Java-based program for handling, editing and converting GPS routes. It requires Java 6, so it currently runs on Windows and Linux (no Mac). It lets you:

  • Convert between different GPS route formats; currently supports:
    • Garmin MapSource 5.x (*.mps)
    • Garmin MapSource 6.x (*.gdb)
    • Garmin PCX5 (*.wpt)
    • Google Earth 3 (*.kml and *.kmz)
    • Google Earth 4 (*.kml and *.kmz)
    • Google Maps URL
    • GPX XML 1.0 (*.gpx)
    • GPX XML 1.1 with Garmin Extensions (*.gpx)
    • Magellan MapSend (*.wpt)
    • Microsoft AutoRoute 2002-2006 (*.axe)
    • Motorrad Tourenplaner (*.bcr)
    • Navigon Mobile Navigator 4 (*.rte)
    • Navigon Mobile Navigator 6 (*.rte)
    • NMEA 0183 Sentences (*.nmea)
    • Tom Tom Route (*.itn)
    • Tom Tom POI (*.ov2)
    • Tour Exchange Format (*.tef)
  • Add/subtract/edit points in a route
  • Selects points within a certain distance of another point, and lets you delete them for route simplification
  • Append a route to the current route
  • Supports multiple routes within Google Earth, GPX and Garmin MapSource files

Screenshot (from the website):


A good supplement to ITNConv, since it handles multiple routes better than that program, is able to simplify routes, and also supports a few formats (NMEA, Tour Exchange) that ITNConv doesn’t. But ITNConv also handles some formats that RouteConverter doesn’t, and its Google-Maps-based editor for points is definitely a plus.

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4 Responses to “Java-Based GPS Route Format Converter”

  1. 1 Alexandre Leroux

    Hi. I’m no GPS date user, but does this converter offers advantages over tools?

    Thanks :-)

  2. 2 Leszek Pawlowicz

    According to Christian, it uses a built-in version of GPSBabel for some of its capabilities. So the biggest advantage is probably the better interface for route management.

  3. 3 group2004

    I just got holux m-1000 so i want this program for use in future

  4. 4 adrian

    Lo necesito para convertir de gdb a kmz, gracias

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