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Create Bicycle/Travel Courses For Your Garmin Edge/Forerunner GPS With Bike Route Toaster

Although it’s primarily aimed at bicycling Garmin Edge/Forerunner owners, Bike Route Toaster is a useful tool for any GPS user, or anyone planning a bike road trip. Create a course in a Google Maps interface by adding points along the route; Bike Route Toaster gives you the option of auto-routing, where it connects the points along roads and adds directions:

7-20-2008-9.12.59 PM

Registered users (registration is free) can also upload a course from a GPX file.

When you’re done creating a course, you can export it as a GPX, MBCRS or TCX file, and/or export it to Google Earth in KML format. Bike Route Toaster also provides you with a course summary:

7-20-2008-9.16.29 PM

An elevation profile:

7-20-2008-9.16.37 PM

And a cue sheet with directions:

7-20-2008-9.16.56 PM

Usage and options are fairly straightforward, but there’s a full help section if you get stuck.  Bike Route Toaster is one of the most uniquely useful GPS-related sites I’ve come across in a while.

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