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Geothermal Resources Data

Other mapping sites seem to be doing an Earth Day related post, so I’ll move this one up a bit. Energy production from the heat of the earth (geothermal energy) generates no carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming, and could produce as much as 100,000 megawatts in the US alone by the year 2050. Here are some websites with geographic geothermal data, both maps and downloadable data.

The Oregon Institute of Technology’s US Geothermal Projects and Resource Areas website has clickable maps of US states showing active geothermal projects:

Nevada geothermal resources map

The Global Heatflow Database has maps and downloadable data showing geothermal heat flows for the entire world:

South America geothermal resources map

The Thermal Springs Of The United States website is an interactive mapviewer that lets you query data about individual or multiple hot springs across the US:

US hot springs and thermal springs map

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