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Location-Based Flickring With Zurfer

From the Yahoo Research Labs comes Zurfer, a mobile phone application that gets your location from the nearest cellphone tower, and pulls in geotagged photos for that general area from Flickr. Also retrieves photos from your friends, and lets you upload pictures from your cellphone to Flickr. Currently only runs for sure on a limited number of cellphone models; Yahoo says it runs on:

“Nokia Series 60 v2 and v3 phones: N73, N95, N80, 6682 and N70. It should work on most Nokia Series 60 v2 and v3 phones, but your mileage may vary. It also runs on the Motorola RAZR V3x. It may work on other phone models.”

They also recommend that you have an unlimited data plan, since this application will suck down data like crazy. Requires you to sign up for a free ZoneTag account so that it can figure out where you are.

Via Download Squad.

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