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Documenting A Journey With Maptales

Download Squad posts about, a site that lets you upload geocoded photos with text (from a blog, mobile phone or Flickr) from a journey’s route to tell a story, and plots links to the journey photos in a Google Maps interface. The standard Google Maps navigation has been replaced by icons at the top (to the right of the search box), which take some getting used to. Not a lot of content right now, and you have to apply for an invitation key by email to use the site.


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1 Response to “Documenting A Journey With Maptales”

  1. 1 Flo Ledermann

    Hi all,

    we opened up the registration on maptales yesterday, so everyone is invited to give it a try! which will hopefully solve the “not a lot of content” problem as well ;)

    maptales is under active development and we have lots of nice features in the pipeline, so stay tuned and watch the maptales blog ( ) for updates!


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