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Handheld GPS Units – Beyond The Manual

It’s no secret that the manuals many GPS makers puts out with their handheld GPS units aren’t always ideal. They can be very confusing, give cursory explanations of more complicated functions, and often leave out any mention at all of advanced functions. Plus, as firmware gets updated and features get added/dropped, the printed versions become out-of-date, and even the online PDF versions lag in adding descriptions of new features. Here are some online resources to help plug the info gaps for these units.

GPSFaqs.Org: Contains comprehensive FAQs for the following Garmin models –

If your eTrex model or GPSMap isn’t listed above,  you may find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQ for a different but comparable model, since most of these models share a similar OS/interface.

GPSFaqs.Org also has FAQs for Magellan GPS units; coverage is strong for Explorist models, but cursory for Triton models.

Yahoo Groups: A number of active groups for the GPSMap series (60Cx/60CSx and 76Cx/76Cx), as well as eTrex models (general and the Legend). Not a lot of action in the Triton or DeLorme forums.

Groundspeak GPS And Technology Forum: Free registration required. Regular postings/discussion on GPS units from a variety of manufacturers, mainly Garmin and DeLorme.

DeLorme Community Forum: Probably the best source for info about the DeLorme PN series of GPS receivers.

TritonForum: By far the best source of info for the Magellan Triton series.

GPSFix Wikis: Created by Scott at GPSFix.Net, an exceptionally strong resource for info about modern Garmin units in the following series: Tons of general info about GPS, and pages about specific units from a wide variety of makers, some dating back to the 1990s! May take a bit of hunting to find the info you’re looking for.


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  1. 1 Me

    Thank you for this posting, I wasn’t aware of the resources.

    Your first sentence is an understatement. The 60CSx manual is seriously lacking. Basic functions aren’t explained.

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