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Garmin Handheld GPS Units That Support Custom Waypoints

As a supplement to my recent posts on creating custom waypoint icons for Garmin GPS units (1, 2, 3), I’ve put together a list of Garmin units that I believe, based on first-hand reports, and my interpretation of their manuals, support custom waypoint icons. It’s hard to say for sure, since Garmin doesn’t specifically mention custom waypoints in any any of their manuals; in fact, they seem to want to make it as difficult as possible to find out how to use this capability. So I can’t assure you with 100% certainty custom waypoint icon support for any models other than the GPSmap, Rino, and Astro models.

Currently-available models

GPSmap 60Cx GPSmap 60CSx GPSmap 76Cx GPSmap 76CSx
eTrex Venture Cx eTrex Vista Cx eTrex Legend Cx eTrex Vista HCx
eTrex Legend HCx Astro GPS Rino 520 HCx Rino 530HCx
eTrex Summit HC eTrex Venture HC Quest Quest II

Note: The new Garmin Colorado series (300, 400t, 400c, 400i) does *not* currently support custom waypoints; I know some people have flagged this to Garmin as an issue, and perhaps they’ll add it in future firmware updates. Given their lackadaisical support for this function, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

6/11/2010: Newer models in the Oregon series (the Oregon 450, Oregon 450T, Oregon 550 and Oregon 550T) do support custom waypoints, but in a different way than older Garmin models; see the Oregon wiki for more info. The new GPSMap 62 and 78 series support them as well.

Older models (no longer sold)

GPSmap 60C

GPSmap 60CS

GPSmap 76C

GPSmap 76CS

eTrex Legend C

eTrex Vista C

Rino 520/530

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