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Meet Your Friends Halfway II

I posted earlier about, a site that lets you enter two addresses, then finds a business of a specified type located about halfway between those locations as a convenient meeting place. GoogleMapsMania posts about a similar site called Mezzoman that does essentially the same thing. It’s a bit more convenient to use in entering the addresses compared to, but has a smaller map window with less flexible map controls (i.e. no zoom slider, just Zoom In/Out buttons). The initial drop-down business type selector is limited, but you can enter the business type of your choice in the Google Search box that appears after you click the “Mezzoman Go!” button.

Edited 6/13/07 to fix mistake pointed out in comments (thanks, Moawall!).

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1 Response to “Meet Your Friends Halfway II”

  1. 1 Moawall

    just so you know…the drop down menu is just an initial search…once you hit mezzoman go a google search bar loads underneath the mezzoman go button that allows you to enter whatever you would like.

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