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Handy Set Of Online Calculators

APSalin, a company specializing in “Software development and data management for radio and television broadcast engineering”, offers a free set of handy online calculators and reference materials:

  • Converters to/from geographic/geodetic  –  Mercator  –  UTM – Cartesian coordinates
  • NAD27 to NAD 83 converter (latitude/longitude only)
  • Latitude/longitude DMS to decimal & vice versa
  • Great circle distance/bearing between two points
  • Destination (enter position-bearing-distance, get coordinates of destination)
  • Reference tables showing what distances on map represent for various map scales, and what various distances in real life correspond to on a map at a specific scale. Tables are given for both metric and imperial units; if you ever need an argument for doing everything in metric, this is a good place to start.
  • Reference tables for DEM resolutions in arc-seconds converted to meters and feet
  • Ellipsoid parameters for various datums

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