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Online Map Check And Area Calculator

Here’s a unique free web app from Underhill Geomatics Limited. The Online Map Check And Area Calculator lets you enter bearings and distances, say for the boundaries of a parcel/plot, check on their closure, plot the parcel/plot and calculate the area enclosed. Enter a starting coordinate, and get coordinates for every point entered by distance/bearing. Circular curves are supported by entering the center point of the curve and radius of curvature. Full instructions included on the main site page, and a sample dataset is preloaded into the data entry box:


Press Calculate, and get the results:


Select and copy the data from the web page, and you can paste it into the desktop app of your choice, say a spreadsheet:


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1 Response to “Online Map Check And Area Calculator”

  1. 1 Martin Feuchtwanger

    You should have related this story to your story on Copan by UGL :-)

    BTW, version 10.09 (released on 2010.09.27) of Copan has various new features, including
    o Coordinate transformation option added to Import / Export modules.
    o Export to GeoLab IOB option added to Field modules.
    o Bearing-distance conversion options added to COGO / Map Trav modules.
    o Delta Z Display added to Measure tool.

    See for more information.

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