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Free Surveying Software For Windows, Pocket PC And Palm

Martin Feuchtwanger of Underhill Geomatics writes of their surveying utility program Copan. I don’t know much about surveying, but can at least list some features from the help file:

  • COGO Calculations
  • Multiple Inverse Calculations
  • Field Data Processing
  • Field Azimuths Data Processing
  • Resection Processing
  • Map Traverses
  • Map Checks
  • Area and Perimeter Calculations
  • Coordinate Transformations
  • Traverse Processing
  • Azimuth Expressions
  • Distance or Offset Expressions
  • Shift Expressions
  • Point Renumbering or Replacement
  • Supports Geodimeter, Leica, Wild, Nikon and TDS total station formats
  • And more …Copan comes in versions for Windows:

    screen shot



    And Pocket PC:


    Feature sets are similar between the different versions, and data can be interchanged between them; GPS is supported for the mobile platforms. The software is free, but you’ll need to get a password and license key via email to use any of the versions. The Windows license key is in a “.bin” file, and some email services (like GMail) won’t accept files with that extension.

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    1 Response to “Free Surveying Software For Windows, Pocket PC And Palm”

    1. 1 Nick McW

      This looks nice – and free – though it’s considerably more specialist than the sort PDA/GPS software that we’ve been looking for here at MapAction, i.e. something to enter attributes, via pre-defined forms, for point and line features coming from the GPS. In other words, something like ArcPad, but simpler, and preferably free or low-cost! One good candidate is CyberTracker. Does anyone know of other similar mobile geo-data collection software?

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