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Cartography 2.0 – Online Textbook

Cartography 2.0 is (was?) an attempt by geographers at Penn State, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Axis Maps to create an online up-to-date textbook (Creative Commons license) on making modern digital interactive maps. Current chapters online:

  • Overview of Animated Maps: Learning from others
  • History Of Animated Maps
  • Conceptualizing Time, Change and Geographic Process
  • Representing Time on Animated Maps
  • Representing Time on Static Maps
  • Cartographic Text
  • Cartographic Interaction: Introduction and Overview
  • Multiple, Coordinated Views, Brushing, & Highlighting
  • Data Probing and Info Window Design
  • Overview: The User Interface
  • Interface Evaluation 1: Philosophy
  • The Nature of Geospatial Information Uncertainty

Not a how-to guide, more a discussion of history and basic principles, but worth reading just for that. Status is unclear: all of the above chapters are dated September 2009, and while the site states it’s active, there don’t appear to have been any recent additions. I hope it is still active – lots of good stuff just in what’s been posted already.

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