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Hand-Drawn Maps

A few sites with collections of hand-drawn maps, cartography with a more human feel than what you often get online, or from a GIS. Click on the titles to visit the site. Your suggestion for other sites are welcomed in the comments section.

the conventional function of a map is to contain universal symbols and keys; icons that people will recognize as streets, monuments, etc. As in organized tours, they emphasize what is commonly thought of as interesting and important.

i collect personal maps people draw. one’s memory and perception of a place is very personal, so each is a reflection, however small or large, of how the individual connects to their environment: knowing, organizing, and understanding it.

in short, each one is a small token of memory and experience, whether created in order to help me understand a place, to direct me to the nearest gas station, or as an answer to my persistent requests to find the local gem of a strange little town. feel free to browse my MAPSPROJECT.


Hand Drawn Map Association

Annotated gallery of hand-drawn maps, plus artist collections.  New contributions solicited.



MollyMaps is a cartographic project devoted to celebrating the places that matter to us both as individuals and as communities, through the engagement of hand-drawn mapping practices.

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