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Free Tools For Custom Garmin Vector Maps XV: MapDekode

MapDekode: MapDekode is an alternate compiler for generating Garmin vector maps. It uses its own DBX coding language, which can be generated from OziExplorer *.plt/*.wpt files using the program, or converted from other formats using the program GPS TrackMaker. Creating the data files seems to be kind of a pain, and the map code format and compilation process are so different from the more-common Polish map/cgpsmapper process that I haven’t tried it out. If you have, and can point out any advantages, please leave them in the comments.

Sources for more info on MapDekode (plus some tools):

MapDekode Yahoo forum: Not a lot of activity here, but the Files section contains some useful utilities.

  • ImgTransparent: Makes a .img map file transparent (other programs like GPSMapEdit and MapTk can do this as well)
  • mpConv: Converts maps in the more common Polish Map format (.mp) to DBX.  MapTk contains an alternate converter
  • shpdbxconv: Converts shapefiles to DBX format

Map Authors Yahoo forum: Not a lot of interest in MapDekode in the forum itself, but the Files section has some useful stuff.

  • A PDF file describing how to create DBX files using GPS Trackmaker (not an intuitive process)
  • MapDekode plot analyzer – Analyzes OziExplorer *.plt files for use with MapDekode

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