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Free Tools For Custom Garmin Vector Maps X: MapToolkit (MapTk)

Just found out about the MapToolkit program (aka MapTk) a few days ago, and I’m still puzzling my way through the PDF manual file figuring out how it works. But from the feature set described in the manual, it’s definitely worth a look:

  • Alternative to cgpsmapper for compiling .mp files; free of the copyright notice added by the free version of cgpsmapper.
  • Supports POI indexing (not supported in free version of cgspmapper).
  • Generates data/files required to install mapsets in MapSource and BaseCamp .
  • Graphical TYP file editor for customized point icons, lines and areas (more on that in the next post in this series) .
  • Analysis / decompiling of IMG-, TDB- and TYP-files
  • Modify transparency of existing .img files
  • Multiple GPX functions: Split GPX file with multiple types (points, tracks, routes) into multiple files, each with only one type; convert .mp file to GPX format and vice versa; simplify tracks, mask GPX files to fit into existing .mp files; etc.
  • And more ….


One major caveat: you’ll need to be fairly familiar with both the .mp Polish Map format language and the general functionality of the cgpsmapper (described in the cgpsmapper documentation) to be able to decode the MapTk manual and the program’s functionality; even then, it’s likely to be a bit of struggle. Regardless, the feature set looks strong enough that I’ll make that effort. Version available for Windows and Ubuntu Linux, plus a generic Python version that should work on any Linux distribution.

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