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Distances And Calories Burned With The Gmaps Pedometer

Another route-drawing app for Google Maps, but with some unusual features. The Gmaps Pedometer lets you create a route by clicking in a Google Maps interface, as do many other similar apps. Some of its features are:

  • The route can be straight lines between points, or be automatically routed for either running-friendly or cycling-friendly routes
  • Optional mile markers can be drawn along the route
  • Total route distance is calculated on the fly
  • You can display a graph of elevation change over the route
  • You can automatically do an out-and-back calculation for a return trip by the same route
  • Enter your weight and get an estimate of how many calories you’ll burn
  • Save the route as a permanent link
  • Print the map
  • Export the route to GPX (this is an external link to the GMapToGPX site)

Map/route and elevation display:


Control panel and info readout:



  • Set all parameters (units, calorie counting, mile markers, etc.) before you start adding points; there doesn’t seem to be a way to change those after you’ve created the route and have those changes reflected in the map/display
  • Press the “Start Recording” button to start entering points, and double-click on the map to enter a point
  • If you want to export the route as a GPX, you should visit the GmapToGPX site first, and configure your browser as indicated to allow GPX export.
  • I modified the Gmaps Pedometer link slightly so that it would start out centered on the US; to customize it for your own center point, take the link URL ( and substitute your desired longitude for the centerX value, and latitude for the centerY.

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