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Digipoint 2: Export Of Google Maps Points In Multiple Formats, And Elevation Data

Quite a while ago, I posted about Digipoint, a website that let you plot points in Google Maps automatically get the coordinates of the points, and export the data in text (TXT), AutoCad (DXF), comma-separated values (CSV), BLN (Golden Software blanking format) and tab-delimited (TAB). The Digipoint website has been upgraded to version 2 since then, enhancing the old features and adding new ones:

  • Export in KML, GPX, and shapefile formats has been added to the previous export options listed above
  • Selectable icon shapes and sizes (Small, median, normal and big); click on the icon image to change the icon shape, choose the size from the drop-down next to it
  • Four map-click options:
    • Add point
    • Delete point (new)
    • Edit label (new)
    • View elevation (new) – click on a point on the map and get the elevation
  • Check the elevation box, and as you add points to your list, the elevation will be added as well
  • An instantaneous readout of the cursor coordinates as you move it over the map display
  • A separate “Options” button to set coordinate systems (lat/long. or UTM) and elevation units (meters/feet)


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2 Responses to “Digipoint 2: Export Of Google Maps Points In Multiple Formats, And Elevation Data”

  1. 1 Jay

    I’ve been looking into google maps. I want to try and set up some code so that i can add points to my map automatically. i.e. if a user on my site registers a location, i want that to become a point on the map.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    I know how to embed maps and add points, etc, but to actually add points to MyMap automatically, not adding each point by hand. Tricky!

    Any ideas?

  2. 2 Jay

    I should add that I want to add points to a publicly visible map – points to be stored by google – not a temporary map on my server.

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