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Desktop Earth: Dynamically-Updating Geographic Windows Wallpaper

This is pretty cool! Desktop Earth is a geographic wallpaper background for Windows that:

  • Displays seasonal NASA Blue Marble Imagery, or a fixed Blue Marble image
  • Displays day/night regions; options for city light displays in the night regions
  • Gives you the option of overlaying current cloud imagery, with variable opacity
  • Set the center of the image to any time zone
  • Update interval for day/night from one minute to one hour

Control panel:


Cloud imagery is from the XPlanet project, and updates need to be specifically enabled (off by default):


And how it looks on my desktop:


If you’re not using Windows, you can use the Desktop Earth Online page to generate a static image that you can save to your computer and use as the wallpaper.

Via Lifehacker.

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