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G-Raster Updated: Raster Imagery In Garmin Handheld GPS Units

I’ve just released version 1.6 of G-Raster (alternate link if that one doesn’t work), my utility for creating raster KMZ overlays for use in some Garmin handheld GPS units (the Colorado, Oregon and Dakota series). Previous versions only worked with georeferenced imagery, like GeoTiffs,BSB, MRSID and raster imagery with worldfiles. For scanned maps without georeferencing, it’s possible to use free georeferencing software, but some might find that too technical. Starting with the latest version of G-Raster, you can use a scanned map that’s been georeferenced using Google Earth, a less complicated procedure:

  • Load the map image into Google Earth (Add => Image Overlay)
  • Use the map controls to move, stretch and rotate the map image until it lines up with the underlying imagery
  • Save it as a KMZ file
  • Load this KMZ file into G-Raster, which tiles the image and creates a Garmin-compatible KMZ file

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4 Responses to “G-Raster Updated: Raster Imagery In Garmin Handheld GPS Units”

  1. 1 Neville Goodman

    I have a Mac, running Windows 7 via Parallels. I’m trying to use the G-Raster program. I have the demo mode, and I am trying to load a KMZ file prepared in Google Earth under Macintosh and transferred to the Windows machine. It is only a small one: the jpeg was c950x700. The program gives me the message \This KMZ file appears to have multiple overlay image tiles; G-Raster only supports KMZ files with a single image overlay\. Have you any idea how I can solve this?

  2. 2 Leszek Pawlowicz

    I managed to introduce a bug into the program in an earlier release that causes that problem. Use the Help => About feature on the menu to see which version you’re running; if you’re not running version 2.2, download and install that version, and it should fix the problem.

  3. 3 Zinnware

    FYI – The download file to install the 2.9 version is not available on the download site. It works for 2.8 or less only.

  4. 4 Leszek Pawlowicz

    I just checked the site, and all the download links are to version 2.9. What download site are you looking at?

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