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Web Fire Mapper

A timely data resource given the recent wildfires in California, the Web Fire Mapper plots the locations of fires across the globe as determined by measurements from the Aqua/Terra earth observation satellites:

11-16-2008-9.50.54 PM

  • Plot fires as seen by Aqua, Terra, or both, using MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) observations
  • Choose a pre-selecting time period, or enter your own start/end times
  • Choose the background image: Blue Marble, Elevations and Rivers (as above), or None (just country outlines)
  • Enable additional layers: Administrative Boundaries (e.g. states), Cities and Protected Areas
  • The Download function isn’t working yet, but includes a link to a page where you can download GIS shapefile data for fires over the last 48 hours or last 7 days
  • If you create a view you like, click on “Link to this page” to create a bookmarkable link that saves those settings

Via La Cartoteca.

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2 Responses to “Web Fire Mapper”

  1. 1 larso

    There’s also which I just discovered yesterday .. with my former job being in WildfireGIS – this type of stuff really catches my eye ;)

  2. 2 amlohdi

    Also a wildland fire GISS.

    Try this one.

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