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Updates For Two Garmin-Related Programs

POILoader: A long and involved post of mine from a few weeks back described methods for managing multiple custom POI files on a Garmin GPS, to get around the limitation that POILoader erased the current POI set when uploading a new one. The process was mildly painful, involving going into the GPS’s memory, then copying and renaming the *.gpi POI files to prevent them from being erased; I refer you to that post for the gory details. The latest version of the POILoader makes this process a lot simpler: you now have the option of saving the *.gpi files directly on your computer, where you can rename and manage them directly before copying them into the /Garmin/POI directory on your GPS unit. A lot easier.

Curiously, there’s one additional option in the program, which lets you install the POIs into Garmin’s MapSource program under a specific name. It’s curious because there’s no current support in MapSource for POI uploading; I’d look for that capability in an upcoming release.

DNRGarmin: In comments on this post, Thomas notes that the bug that kept USB connectivity in DNRGarmin non-functional unless you installed with administrator rights has been fixed; it now works with any installation. If you have a Garmin handheld GPS, the latest version of DNRGarmin is a must. You can upload data from GPX, Google Earth’s KML format, text, DBF and shapefile to your Garmin using this program, and conversely save data from your GPS in these formats; it can even re-project data in UTM, Lambert, etc. to geographic coordinates for. Even if you don’t have a Garmin, it’s a handy program to have for converting from one format to another.

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