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Google Maps As A Decimal Degree To Degree-Minute-Second Converter

Got coordinates in degree-minute-secondĀ  degrees, and need them in decimal format fast? Or the reverse? Go to Google Maps, enter the coordinates into the search box. e.g. +34 59′ 59.00″, -109 59′ 59.00″, and get a map with a pop-up containing the converted coordinates:

10-19-2008-10.05.20 PM

You can then copy and paste the pop-up text into another application. It does have one minor bug – type in an even latitude/longitude, like 3,-110, and you’ll get this:

10-19-2008-10.06.49 PM

Obviously, instead of 59 minutes and 60 seconds, the degree numbers should be one higher. Not a situation you’ll see often, though …

If you do this on a regular basis, you might take a look at some earlier posts on this blog that talk about stand-alone options:

Via Mapping Hacks.

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