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Topographic Maps, Satellite Photos And Vector Data For Israel And Jordan

Doc Savage’s Old Word Archaeology website (great name!) has links to maps aerial/satellite photos, and vector data for most of Israel and Jordan, with some data for surrounding areas (mainly Syria and the Sinai); click on the links under “Digital Data” on the right. Most of the data is georeferenced for direct use in GIS software. Data includes:

  • 1:50K topo maps; sources are US and Soviet military topos, and Arabic topos. See this post for more info on Soviet military topo maps.
  • Landsat 28m resolution imagery
  • NIMA-SPOT 10m panchromatic (black and white) imagery
  • Digital Chart Of The World (DCW) data by country, including topography (hypsography), populated places, land use/land cover, transportation, drainages, cultural places, utility lines, and airports. This data dates from the early 1990s (essentially VMAP0), but is still useful. This vector data is in ArcInfo coverages; see this post for info on how to convert ArcInfo coverages into shapefiles.

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