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Recap Of 3DEM Series

A brief summary, with pictures, of all the posts in my 3DEM series.

DEM Terrain Depiction Using 3DEM

Visualizing digital elevation model (DEM) data as colored, shaded terrain.


Easy Map Relief Shading Using 3DEM

Combining DEM data with a flat map, to convert this:


to this:


Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge, And Flooding Effects Using 3DEM

Using 3DEM to show the effects of sea level rise on the coastline. For Manhattan today:


a rise in sea level of 8 meters due to storm flooding or sea level rise will result in this new coastline:


3D Perspective Views With 3DEM

Overlaying maps or photos on top of terrain with 3DEM to create either static perspective views:


or animated rotating perspectives:

VRML Worlds Using 3DEM

How to create interactive, 3D VRML worlds for terrain, with or without map/photo overlays:


GPS Track Elevation Profiles With 3DEM

Generating a terrain profile from a GPS track:


Animated Flybys Using 3DEM

Creating an animated flyover of terrain, with or without map/photo overlays:

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